gussied up: July 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


dress: target (old) similar here and here | sandals: target | necklace: nashelle  
bag: tory burch 

i have to say there really isn't anything better than a little black dress. there is a reason why it's that one classic piece that everyone woman can wear own and wear over and over again, simple. it's a blank canvas that always you to create yourself in it. to make the look trendy add pops of color or keep the look classic with neutral colors for accessories, and there you have it. easy styling for the best piece you can buy yourself. i found mine in college at target and i have worn this thing more times than i can count. that's why i believe every girl should invest in one solid black dress. do you have a favorite lbd? tell me where you found it and why you love it! i love this dress because of the way the soft fabric how it pinches my waist makes me feel super feminine. 



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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

top 10 at shopbop

top 10 at shopbop

1. oh buddy, i sure adore this floral printed suit. for what occasion you ask, hmmm i guess i'd say a girls night out would be perfect for it and these too.  

2. two classics in one, the tortoise and the cat eye, also a super flattering style too. it's a win, win. 

3. the mini mac is my current obsession and i'm pretty smitten over the green hue of this particular one

4. this dress, i mean come on. it's perfect and so are these

5. these jeans are everything and would look perfect with #7

6. need it. and these too.

7. perfect with vintage shorts and to wear with #5 later

8. umm that tribal print on the back totally updates the classic pump.

9. gingham. done.

10. the simplicity of these babies are stunning. these too.

i've recently starting shopping at and am always impressed by what i find. have you shopped their sale? it's pretty awesome!! and what's your favorite piece from above? do you own any of these pieces? let me know what you are loving.


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Monday, July 28, 2014

striped tuxedo

top: express (old) but similar here | pants: limited (old) but similar here
blazer: aryn k (old) but similar here | sandals: bcbgeneration (old) similar here 
necklaces: nashelle, groopdealz (old) but similar here, and j.crew (old) similar here  sunnies: j.crew (old) similar here | ring: david yurman 

don't you love it when you can get together with your girlfriends and just gab all night? last week i got together with some wonderful girls to talk about our blogs and next steps (fun stuff coming up) to take it up a notch. i'm pretty sure we talked about everything under the sun, from work, relationships, clothes, coffee, and then finally remembered why we got together in the first place, to help each other. it's really amazing getting to have a network of people to trust that can inspire you and help you grow, and you can do the same for them. it's a great feeling when you know you trust someone to help you and they can return the favor with out even thinking about it. is there anything you and your friends love to help each other with? i feel like encouraging each other to fight for our dreams is what we work on the most. what do you dream about?



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Friday, July 25, 2014

my favorites: j.crew fall 2014

my favorites: j.crew fall 2014

1. adorable star printed button down.

2. these zipper pants are so cool, they will update any look. 

3. love the mirrored sunnies trend even into fall.

4. the delicacy of these rings remind me of the ones my favorite blogger wears, and i love them. they are perfect to wear everyday.

5. ever since planning our wedding i have been obsessed with soft shades of blue, and these earrings have me swooning. i'm thinking i need these for a wedding this fall, don't you?

6. this sweater had me at mixed fabrics and textures. this is one of those special pieces you can wear over and over again and never get tired of it.  

7. these little booties give me a little 70's vibe and i am lovin' it. these would look great with skinnies and even a skirt for now and tights in the fall. what do you think of the color, cool right?

8. i think this sweater is rather funny. it makes me wonder why one would need a sweater with an exclamation point on it, but then again why wouldn't you? 

9. talk about jump in my closet right now (i know it was over 90 degrees today, but who cares). this is a great jacket for the fall that will stay with you for years to come. 

10. here is one pair of sassy flats. the black and white calf hair on this pointed fabulous shoe is classic. this would be great to wear with a lbd or jeans and tee shirt with a statement necklace. they are perfect for every occasion

11. a good ole pair of dark wash skinnies. yep, yep, yep. these are perfect for you and you should want to jump right into them! 

12. i'm a big fan of these skirts that j.crew likes to do. they are just short enough to feel fun and young, but not too short to wear you feel a little scandalous wearing them. the design of the fabric is amazing, check it out in this pair of pants too!

13. need a great bag for fall, this baby is it. the horn handle is what this bag is all about. it's classic allow you to wear it all year round, not just for fall. 

i know it's still hot as blazes outside right now, but j.crew launched their first fleet of fall product this week and i am dying. as usual. so i put this together for you now to show my favorite pieces, plus so when you are ready for fall you know what pieces you need to snag. anything you are excited to wear this fall?


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

shorts and a blazer



blazer: bcbg (old) but similar here | top: vintage but similar here  
shorts: vintage but similar here | necklaces: nashelle, haute hippie (old) but similar here 
 sandals: target 

remember how i went to chuy's a few weeks ago and told you all about it? yeah, well i just had to take the hubs so he could try the green chiles, he tried them in santa fe during college and has been obsessed ever since. oh and he could probably eat them every day, the man loves him some spicy foods. while me on the other hand i could eat the creamy jalapeño sauce on just about everything (it's like off the table good). let's see i had the chika chika boom boom burrito with creamy jalapeño all over it, and kev had some amazing beef burrito with the tex-mex sauce and it was all amazing. i was pretty excited to go again and especially with my babe. he loved it and we can't wait to go again! ps this is what i wore out that fab dinner date with kev. i'm pretty obsessed with these basic pieces and how they look together. would you rock a blazer with shorts for a date night? come on, i bet you would look fab! well, if you try it let me know! i'd love to hear about it! 


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

playing on the plaza

tee: j.crew last worn here similar here | skirt: j.crew factory similar here | sandals: j.crew  bag: tory burch more here| sunnies: ralph more here | earrings: kate spade  
necklace: nashelle | ring: david yurman

there's nothing like a playing on the plaza in kc. i mean, from the gorgeous architecture to the fountains and fabulous shopping what more could a girl ask for. i'm lucky to have an amazing group of girlies by my side that know exactly what i need, even when i don't. so when my best gal lauren, joined for a beautiful day on the plaza we just had a ball. i'm pretty sure we hit every store from kate spade to anthro, with just a little coffee break in between. days like that make me fall in love with this city more and more. you know what i mean? what's your favorite spot in kc? 

oh, and speaking of playing on the plaza! this thursday night head over to free people for a free yoga sesh with kim johnson of ashtanga yoga kc from 7:00pm - 8:15pm. it's going to be amazing. enjoy.


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Monday, July 21, 2014

nordstrom sale: my picks

2. kate spade nude pumps. these are perfect for everyone's wardrobe.

3. nars cheek palette. i received one similar to this for christmas and loved it. 

4. multi chain necklace. great piece to add to your jewels collection.

5. layered top. a little hint at fall. even though it's hot. it's a com in'

6. gorgeous candles. i just really love these and the tints are so beautiful.

7. marc watch. i love the clean designs of this style of watch.

8. sam edelman booties. also great to have for fall, but can wear with a light weight dress right now.

9. bar necklace. obsessed with these right now.

10. great big bag from rebecca minkoff. i adore this color

11. a great pair of skinnies by paige. 

i am a huge fan of this sale. so i wanted to put together a list of all of my favorite pieces for you. check out the full sale over here. don't you love a good sale - especially one that happens before the trends happen. it's definitely a fun sneak peak into what the buyers are liking for fall, and so far i am a big fan. what pieces are you loving?


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


top: j.crew (old) but similar here | pants: limited (old) but similar here  
wedges: bcbgeneration (old) but similar here | necklace: topshop (old) similar here and last worn here and nashelle | bracelets: j.crew, stella and dot, and j.crew 

last week i was invited to an event at chuy's on the plaza. i was really excited to go, since i'd never been. (i now know how crazy that statement is). i'm now obsessed and i can't wait to have it again.  as i'm thinking about it, the hubs is coming home from a business trip and we will have to go. he will be all over the green chiles. oh right, anyways back to chuy's - i'm in love. everyone i met was so real and excited about their tex mex (it really is the best). the fresh ingredients in every dish (they make lots of small batches of guac throughout the day so it doesn't turn that weird brown color, you know what i'm talking about), to the delicious array of margaritas (the peach one is my new fav) i mean everything i tried was amazing oh and the amazing creamy jalapeños sauce (you can basically put it on everything). the decor too had me swooning. the bright colors and spanish inspired tile, come on. it was dreamy. i am so impressed with the company they have built and how honest everyone is about how wonderful the food is. if you haven't gone in yet, i highly suggest you do. oh and for those that have been before, what's your favorite dish or drink?


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

chambray dreams

chambray: j.crew | skirt: j.crew (old) similar here | clutch: j.crew (old) similar here
 sandals: old navy similar here | necklaces: nashelle and j.crew (old) but similar here 
 ring: david yurman

isn't funny how friends (good ones) from your past keep you grounded and inspired? i loved getting together with a couple the hubs and i went to college with the other night. it was hilarious to listen to old stories and be reminded of a purely blissful time (minus tests and stuff). those memories of late nights just staying up talking and those finals weeks we would go to the union for pancakes just to get a break from studying. it's amazing how much we've all learned and grown since that time. can you feel me? now to go use that knowledge and be great. let's do it.


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Monday, July 14, 2014

the sweetest person

last thursday heaven gained a new angel. the sweetest person i've ever known, my  grandmother waynel cook. she was just one of those people that made you feel like a million bucks. every accomplishment not matter how small or normal, she made it feel like you were the only person that could make it happen. she couldn't be happier for you at all times. it was always just so wonderful to be around her. i will miss getting to call her and get to talk to her and tell her about my life and getting her advice. 

i know she will always be with me. and i will carry her memories with me always. and that's all i need. is there anyone that you have in your life that loves you like that? and who do you have that you can be yourself with and loves you no matter what? i love getting to hear stories of loved ones. it's what it's all about right?


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


tank: ruby rouge worn here | shorts: vintage similar here | sandals: old navy similar here  
bandeau: ruby rouge similar here | necklaces: nashelle and forever21 (old) similar here 

so i probably should have touched on this a little bit on monday during my independence day recap. but i sure am proud of this wonderful dream filled country we live in. how amazing it is that we are encouraged to live out or personal dreams and that be the norm. sounds pretty amazing right. i've been reflecting on just that thought lately and really noticing what makes me tick. and what i'm really good at. and i'm working on myself for myself and for my life. i mean, what would you do if you could not fail? 


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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

rompers and jumpsuits, oh my!

look one:

look two:
jumpsuit: asos | clutch: j.crew | pumps: dolce vita

look three:
romper: nasty gal | clutch: stella and dot | clogs: express

i'm pretty obsessed with rompers and jumpsuits right now. i think they are the perfect pieces to feel fun, flirty and dressy during these hot summer months. i love the pink printed romper to wear for a day around town then to a happy hour with girlfriends. the black jumpsuit is a great piece to wear out on a dressier date night with your sweetie. i love the flowiness of this piece and how flattering it is on any shape. the long sleeve floral romper is a super fun trend right now! i would pick one of these up to wear out on the town instead of the usual cotton dress. what i love about rompers and jumpsuits is their versatility, don't you? they are easy to wear (don't have to worry about hem lines flying up) and can be worn for day and night. 

which one can you see yourself wearing? or have you found another one you can't live without. leave a comment with the link below, i would love to see it!


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Monday, July 7, 2014

true blue

dress: j.crew factory | necklaces: topshop (old) but similar here and nashelle  
sandals: marshalls (old) but similar here | ring: david yurman

did everyone have a happy and relaxing 4th? i sure hope you did! 
the hubs and i had a great weekend. we went out on the town and acted our age for once. we love staying in and hanging out for sure. but i have to say it was nice to get out and just enjoy the night together. you feel me?

then we cooked out, watched the neighborhood fireworks with our pup daisy, met up with friends that were in town, and wrapped it up with a brunch with the fam. it was exactly what we both needed. now we're ready to hit to ground running.

have a great week and i'll see you here tomorrow!


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