gussied up: April 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

beauty brands presents: laura geller

i was asked to attend an event at beauty brands to celebrate the launch of a new make up brand: laura geller. um, of course i said yes, why not!? 

i love changing up my make up routine and testing out new product. plus this laura geller make up is basically organic (very few chemicals, just needed to hold it all together) with great pigmented colors. 

so i got my whole face taken off, got a little moisturizer, primer called spackle (great for evening out your skin texture evened out and ready for make -up), and then bb creamed. loved it. and amber (who did my make up) gave me some great advise. she told me to exfoliate to get rid of all the dead skins cells, as she then informed me we're just like snakes, hilarious. but, i got it. and i loved the bb cream. if you haven't used bb cream before (like me, i know a little late to the party, but here we are) its pretty great for those who like light coverage. so, for spring/ summer (if it ever comes) it's totally perfect! also, it's great for baseball games (go royals), after your done swimming (amber and i both agreed that no one ever looks good after being in the water all day, and this is a now my summer necessity), oh and great for a quick grocery store face (hello saturday mornings). 

this is the fabulous amber. she was so talented and just did her thing, and gave me tips and tricks along the way. i've got some great ones below. she played up my eyes and taught me how to properly apply highlighter (thank goodness). 

here's the finished product, and below is how amber did it. 

she started out with the baked marble eyeshadow duo in pink icing/devil's food. i was drawn to the dark brown and the shimmer. 

step 1:amber used a brush like this to brush the pink color (left side of the palette) all over my lid. 
step 2: she then used a brush like this to create a more defined darker crease using the dark brown color (right side of palette). she started in the middle of my lid, where my crease is and blended the brown out the the corners of my lash line, and then in toward blended the colors to the middle of my lid. 
step 3: amber then used brush #2 to pick up more of the purples from the pink side, and rubbed it along the bottom of my eye. she started in the middle of my lower lash line and moved toward the outer corner.  
step 4: added eye liner to the top eye lash line, this creates a fuller look for your lashes
step 5: curled my lashes and applied mascara (always in black)

now moving on to properly highlighting your face. amber showed me (below) to brush highlighter on properly. 
step 1: amber grabbed a brush like this and loaded it with highlighter, tapped off the excess and brushed the highlighter along the tops of my cheeks. 
step 2: she then loaded her brush again with higlighter, tapped off the excess and brushed the highlighter along the top on my nose. 
i love the look highlighter gives, it just makes the make up look real and not too cakey looking. 

amber finished the look with a little bit of powder (to give a little more coverage), blush (lightly, right on my check bone), and lip gloss (to give a natural look). 

i have to say i was really impressed with the pigment and how well the make up held up. i have been using the hydrating lip crayon like lip gloss and i love it. i've never used anything like it, and i love it. it goes on sheer, but has great color. you can layer it on over and over to get a deeper color, and makes your lips feel good.

if you're looking for a new line of make up to try, i recommend going into beauty brands and having them show you the line. also, they have this great started kit, that make's a great mother's day present too (or keep it for yourself) great value for the amount of product you get! 


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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

midi best

skirt: h&m | blouse: loft | sandals: bcbgeneration (old) but similar here| purse: tory burch | rings: david yurman | necklace: nashelle | earrings: stella and dot

you know when you find those pieces that just make your heart skip a beat? you see them on a stranger, and pray that they are nice enough to tell you where they got them (plus the store actually still have it in stock, right!?). 
this skirt was one of those pieces for me. i first saw this great skirt on a gal at go blog social and i couldn't wait to ask her where she got such a great skrit (hoping she wasn't going to say something ridiculous). and i was over joyed when she told me she got it from h&m. yep! h&m. i knew i needed to track it down. so i went to the local one on the plaza. then called chicago, then dallas. but no luck. well, i just so happened to be in dallas and was helping a friend shop for a dress to wear to a wedding. i asked one of the gals working if they had this skirt, and she said they had sold out of it. i was crushed. i found a black midi skirt that i thought was pretty great. and while i was helping my friend try stuff on, i checked out the "go-back" rack. and i was in luck! there was one of these tan painted looking midi skirts on the rack. and then i almost died all over again when it was my size! i snatched it up, tried it on (it fit, thank goodness), and even got a little discount on it. it was a shopaholics dream come true. then trying to figure out what to wear with it. i knew i wanted to wear a my go-to colorblocked sandals, and a shirt to showcase my waist. i loved the muted color of the blush blouse paired with the midi skirt. hmm, what fun it is to finally find that one piece you just have to have. it's really just the best, right? any piece you've hunted down that you couldn't be more thrilled about? i know i'm not the only one:)


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Thursday, April 24, 2014


dress: ruby rouge and similar here | shawl: target | shoes: bcbgeneration (old) but similar here | clutch: bcbg (old) but similar here | bracelets: bauble bar similar here, david yurman (old) | earrings: house of harlow (old) but similar here | necklaces: nashelle, j.crew, j.crew

i found this gorgeous oscar inspired dress at ruby rouge and i almost died. i couldn't believe the elevated look for the price. the black and white stripes give the maxi length a dramatic look, that i just loved right away. i couldn't even wait to wear it to a girlfriends wedding in dallas (aka glad i had a reason to wear it). it sure felt good to see all my sisters (go phi mu), it literally felt like we hadn't been apart. 

anything that you just bought that you can't wait to wear? i've got a few new things coming this way. thanks for reading and stop by again soon.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

get styled

dress: ruby rouge | wedges: old navy | necklaces: nashelle and stella and dot | earrings: stella and dot | bracelets: stella and dot (yes, it's a necklace and i just wrapped it) and stella and dot

there is a ton i want to cover in today's post. first, i found this adorable dress at ruby rouge during the spring event last month. i'm obsessed with the color and the silhoute. i've worn it every chance i've had. i just love the flattering cut. 

second, i went to my first stella and dot party (i know, i know, i've loved their designs for years too). my good friend ally from the wedding prep (friends from high school and pledge sisters too) is a stylist for stella and dot and invited me to come to a party she was hosting. i was really excited to go, i couldn't wait to see what pieces she would have. i loved getting to see all the gorgeous pieces up close and play dress up. it was a lot of fun to see what all the other girls were loving and trying on. i couldn't help myself, so i jumped in and recommended pieces for each girl. (i come by it honestly). but i had the hardest time trying to figure out what pieces i had to take home (trust me my wish list is loooong). but in the end i wanted to grab the jacinthe bracelet and the cheryl drop earrings. i'm most definitely going to host an event in kc - please let me know if you would like to join! i think they are so fun. girls, jewels, and drinks. sounds perfect to me!

third, the shoes. i mean i literally gasped for air when i saw them in stores. i then tried to wear them with outfits i totally didn't, but wanted too. i was obsessed right from the get go. i mean, they look exactly like the metalic wedges from j.crew, but are only $26. i had to get 'em. and i love them! they are now live online and you can click the link above to ship them to you, if you don't have time to go out and get them. i love how they make any look chic. so simple and gorgeous. 


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

what r u wearing

sweatshirt: wruw | pants: larry levine (old) similar here | wedges: bcbgeneration (old) but similar here | necklaces: j.crew and nashelle

i won this cute sweatshirt at go blog social from what r u wearing, and i was super thrilled! i love the color and the hashtag actually gets real conversations going. i like getting to talk about the app, which i think is really cool. it's a fun way to share your outfits with others and see what your friends are wearing. the app also shows you what brands everyone is wearing. i like using it to keep track of what i wear day to day (to make sure i keep the re-wears to a minimum). check out the app and let me know what you think!


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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

pepperologie event outfit

dress: gap (old but similar here) | jacket: bcbg (old, but similar here) | booties: madewell | purse: j.crew (old, but similar here) | sunnies: ralph | tights: j.crew | necklace: nashelle | bracelets: j.crew, j.crew, lily dawson, charming charlie's, and vintage | rings: vintage and david yurman | earrings: vintage

i was so excited to get to spend a sunday afternoon with one of my favorite bloggers, jessie from style and pepper, at her pepperologie event. we had an absolute blast and i felt so comfortable in this sweatshirt dress and green army blazer. i love the flattering cut of the fit and flare style (it is flattering on any body type). it was still a bit chilly outside, so i paired with look with my black tights and gray suede booties. it's the best way to stay a bit warmer in these chilly spring months. how ready are you, for spring, to really begin!? i know i am. i'm ready to wear fun spring dresses (without the tights) with sandals and a tan! 


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