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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

kcfw: saturday shows recap

yayyyy! the saturday show recap is here! i have to say i was pretty amazed by all the designers, but wm couture, lauren bander (duh), and l.o.d. stole the show for me. check out my favorite looks from their collections!

the wm couture show was inspired by men's wear and i adored every look. i love these cream pants with the suspenders, and pin-up inspired top. and the dress below i may have sent out a tweet about how i need to own this. i mean, that back detail is just amazing. it's so precious.

these gowns were impeccably tailored i couldn't get over it! the black dress with the sweet little red bow and buttons i just could't get over it. and the pockets and volume of the skirt - brilliant. oh and don't even get me started on how amazing these dream of a cream (weddingish) dress is below. it moved beautifully on the runway, and then bam, pleats of men's wear shirt fabric. totally unexpected, and i loved it. all in all it was a pretty fantastic presentation.

lb by lauren bander was amazing of course. i adored her parisian theme and loved the head bands and dark smokey eyes for each look. the tulle and maxi skirts, had to be my favorite pieces from her line. she has great style to pull together such great line like this. 

see what i mean, i love this tulle skirt!!

now, i just need a place to wear this! 

and the last show of the day was from another favorite of mine - l.o.d. the black and white looks with the perfectly mastered pieces were perfect on the runway. i want this black suit in a bad way. isn't it gorgeous!

i mean, aren't her designs simply amazing! 

i loved getting to see such beautifully made pieces during the saturday show. i would wear any of these pieces in a minute. wouldn't you? i'm so glad they were inspired to create such gorgeous pieces that you can actually wear every day. maybe not how they styled the looks for the runway (but they are so gorgeous who cares) but you can definitely take pieces from each look and find a piece in your wardrobe you can wear to achieve an inspired look, from these looks. i'm inspired to wear my cream pants (normally worn during the holidays) with a crisp gingham shirt from the wm couture show. lauren bander has inspired me to wear more tulle and eye shadow for sure. but for an outfit, i love a great aline black skirt paired with a great gray sweater. and l.o.d. has inspired me to color block with my favorite colors, black and white. lol how do these looks inspire you? what look would actually wear?


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Masshole Mommy said...

Wow, look at those models. They are all so pretty.

Scott said...

My daughter wants to runway model someday (she's only 10). I have a feeling this type of thing is in my future.

Heather Jones said...

Beautiful. I like the way they are all wearing their headbands. Its a little different.

Kung Phoo said...

Very nice, seems like it was a great show and your choices are very nice indeed!

Mistee Dawn said...

How amazing! I have always wanted to attend a runway show. I love ALL of the clothes.

bxcrochet said...

Those are some great pieces. I love the one with all that tulle.

Michelle F.

Maddi'sMommy said...

I'm suprised to say this but I really loved almost everything that came down that runway! I cant even choose a favorite.