gussied up: tin man shoes

Saturday, January 26, 2013

tin man shoes

jacket: J.Crew but similar here knit tee: J.Crew pants: J.Crew shoes: Jessica Simpson but try these Steve Madden 

This was an was an outfit I wore to work and couldn't wait to wear it again. The blazer is still available in stores and I would highly recommend going to pick one up. It looks like tweed on the outside, but feels like a sweatshirt on the inside. Magic. It'a a woman's dream. The Minnie pants are a favorite of mine. With the classic fifties hem they dress up an denim look in a flash. The grey and white stripe tee is a favorite that I love to wear with everything. 


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Lauren said...

I know this is an outfit post, but I am really loving your hair!! How did you style like that?!? So beautiful!! Such a lovely outfit for work too. I love when you discover an outfit that you just want to wear over and over! xo