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Sunday, October 19, 2014

gussied up moves to

yep, that's right ya'll i'm moving. and yes this is the big old secret project i tell you about. katie from one little black blog and i have been working on for about four months (it's been incredible). she is one talented lady and i sure am glad she decided to work on this project with me. it's been so great getting to just totally throw all my crazy ideas at her and she just love and totally get all of them. i'm so super proud of how it turned out i can't wait to hear what you think! 

so i bet you're wondering why i've decided to change the name, and to be honest i just felt like i outgrew gussied up. it's been an amazing ride and i've loved learning and experimenting here for sure. but, i just felt like i wanted a name that really, 100% fit my style. and after many brainstorming sessions with the hubs - sophistiCAITed was born. it's how i dress and even has a little personal touch of personalization by having my name in it too. i sure do love it!

i'm so excited for you to follow me over on you will still get great style advise, outfit inspirations, home decor inspo, beauty tips and more. you can also sign up for a weekly newsletter under the contact tab!! so fun!! oh and the new layout is so amazing!! i can't believe it's were i'll get to share everything with you all from now on. 

here's a preview of what's happenin' over there!

i've updated all of my social media handles to @caitfore so you will for sure still have me in your feeds! and my facebook page will now be! you'll still be ale to find me! 

i can't wait to hear about what you think about the new blog!

my new email is caitlin {at} sophisticaited {dot} come



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Jana Meister said...

I'm so happy for you!!! I'm excited to see you where you go from here! I love the new name its absolutely PERFECT!

XO Jana

peach said...

I like your blog :)